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Apertura AD8 – 8″ Dobsonian Telescope
With Lots of Accessories!

AstroBackYard recently named the Apertura AD Dobsonian Telescope the Best Telescope for Beginners!

My 8″ Dobsonian telescope arrived yesterday via UPS man. The box was so big I took my hand cart out to the curb to load it up for him. I’m looking forward to clear skies soon. We have had a bit of crap weather for the last week. Was starting to remind me of living in the Pacific NW. No doubt they great weather is on the horizon as it was 65 deg today. Just a wonderful time to walk. Stay tune for what I hope will bee some interesting photo posts when I get a camera attachment and get busy exploring the night sky. Below is a run down on the scope. Enjoy!

“You’ll be ready to observe the Universe right out of the box with this Apertura AD8 8 inch Dobsonian telescope! The AD8 package includes everything you’ll need to get started, including a full-sized right-angle (RA) image correct 8×50 finder scope, two eyepieces, a laser collimator, cooling fan, and more. With 8” of aperture, the Apertura AD8 Dob will display Jupiter and its moons, Saturn with his stunning ring system, the “Red Planet” Mars and the Moon…you won’t believe how close the Moon will look when viewed through the AD8! On a steady night of viewing, you can explore the equatorial belts around Jupiter, spy Cassini’s Division in Saturn’s rings, or study the polar ice caps and dusky maria on the surface of Mars…but that’s not all! Literally, thousands of celestial objects will be visible with your Dobsonian Reflector. Everything from huge galaxies, nebulae and star clusters to smaller planetary nebulae, double stars, and millions of suns in the far off regions of space will be within the grasp of your telescope.” (Taken from the High Point Scientific web site)

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