Don’t use Communist Programs!

I’m still gathering my thoughts on what approach I will be taking towards how and what tech I will be moving forward with. It is abundantly clear that BigTech has lost it mind and is in the process of running as many people into the dust that don’t agree with their Marxist views on the United States and the World, that they can.

As an initial reaction, I quickly deleted all apps off of my phone that were owned by FaceBook. Next I started to look at all associated accounts I had with Google. This is going to be a bit more tricky since they own all the software that is run on the Android platform. The Android code is open source but once Google puts in its own code that is where it turns from an open source platform to an insidious spy tool for them and any government entity thats wants information on anyone using such services.

So I am now into stage 2 of my “De-Google” quest. I have purchased a router that will allow me to run all devices thru a VPN when put on the internet. This allows me to start using disinformation to screw with Googles A.I. programs they use to track every American, and everyone on the planet for that matter, using a google supported device. The way I see it is that if we all stop playing into Googles hands by giving them free information to sell to the highest bidder we can collectively have a substantial impact on their bottom line.

I’ll post on Stage three as I get closer to shutting down cellphones using google and going with a De-Googled phone… More to follow.

I know Apple is a data collector like Google but their OS is so locked down that those fanboi lemmings using an iPhone can enjoy the shackles of tyranny.

Rob Braxman has been very helpful in shining a light on BigTech and the crap they are pulling. Please show him some love and subscribe to his channel. Video Below.

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