Happy New Year! Start the year off strong!

I started the year off strong by knocking out three earned badges in one day. The 10k and 60 days in a row badge just happened to work out that I got them on the 1st of January. I also have a little side challenge going with T over on the Samsung fitness app. We are going head to head with a step challenge. She edged me out yesterday in steps. We walked twice yesterday together but she gets a ton of steps in walking all over the house with her side projects she has going on all over the house. I better quit slacking or I’ll be a second placer for sure.

We have also decided to dump all things FaceBook from our lives. We switched to Telegram for World Wide messaging and video calls. We made the jump to MeWe last month and I’ll be using Letgo, eBay, and craigslist to sell items. Time to stop being part of the problem and break away from this drone-think that has the country ass backwards at the moment!

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