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CarniWay means a Carnivorous Way of Eating. ‘Way of eating’ or WoE is about building a long-term healthy lifestyle that is sustainable, easy, and feels natural. It’s important to realize that a way of thinking must first be introduced. You must reflect on your long-term goals and whether health is important to you and the people that love and support you. If you’re suffering from chronic disease that debilitates you or brings you pain – you need to decide if it’s worth it to try a new Way of Eating that has the ability to resolve or mitigate your problems. Once you have clear goals, you can invest time into understanding why it is worth it to try a carnivorous way of eating. You will be able to learn the science and history of eating meat and how it likely helped humans evolve into the beings we are today. Finally, you will be given an opportunity to lift the rose-colored glasses from your eyes to see the nutritional apocalypse that modern life has become, and you can make a well informed choice to attempt a diet that most deem suicide. Your perspective may radically change. Be prepared. 

CarniWay will eventually become easy, but in the beginning, it can be the hardest and most difficult decision you’ve ever made. Diets and the way we think about them affect every facet of our life because our bodies react to the information that food gives them. Each meal is not just a boost of protein and fat, it’s a data point that your whole body uses to implicity plan your future – and your hormones, gut, and metabolism are all trying to make the correct choice based on the programming of millions of years of evolution and the information contained within your meal.

Food as information is important of course, but maintaining the CarniWay is about understanding how humans have made decisions in the past and why today it is frowned upon to eat red meat. You must understand that there is little consensus in the nutrition science sphere. Food is money and it has led to corruption, false marketing, and made-up science. This website is to show you how to think of CarniWay as not so much a leap of faith, but a well thought out planned jump. When you land on the other side with several weeks of CarniWay living in your belt – you will be able to directly compare your experience with the best ‘consensus advice’ and see if your doubt was misplaced. 

How often do people change their minds? Very rarely, and only after a moment where they are faced with a contradiction or a surprise between new information and what they think they know. Usually, the power of confirmation bias or cognitive dissonance serves to prevent one’s mind from being changed — but if their curiosity can be used as a tool to destroy ignorance and they can find virtue in admitting they were wrong, they can at least do the required investigation to change their mind. Information is one way to change a mind, the other is through personal experience. I think that the personal experience of a CarniWay for 4-12 weeks can completely change your mind over whether plants are necessary for optimal health. 

I want you to know that thousands of people have discovered for themselves whether plants are necessary for optimal health and have adopted one of the various CarniWays as a long term lifestyle, both as a way to feel great every day, AND to prevent chronic diseases of overnutrition, malnutrition, or toxins from plant products. 

1. There is no real consensus – it’s up to you to do your own research and pick a way of eating – it’s best to understand multiple view points and the pros and cons of each. I want to make it clear that no one knows everything. 

2. Humans are one species – and species generally have a single diet that gives them optimal health – BUT, the massive changes in lifestyles of humans over the past 10,000 years has made it extremely difficult to figure out what that best diet is. 

3. Scientific opinion changes one funeral at a time. 

4. Opinions on nutrition are as controversial as politics or religion – hopefully, the results of the CarniWOE make it speak for itself, but until you try it, all you will have is the conflicting opinions of other people. 

5. It’s important to have community, a CarniWay works best when done with family, with friends, in a group, or by seeking the advice and support of the online world. This website will be a portal to seeking this community and using it for positive personal improvement. I also hope that you become a role model in your own small community and share this knowledge and information. Beating misinformation is hard work!

6. I fully believe that you can benefit from CarniWay, but my job is to convince you that an experiment won’t kill you, is worth your time and money, and guide you through understanding your life and how best to apply CarniWay principles. 

  • Eat when you’re hungry.😋
  • Stop eating once you’re satiated.😌
  • Keep it super simple.😇
  • Only eat animal products.🐄🐑🐔🐟🐖
  • Animal products are meats, dairy, and eggs.🍖🥩🥚🧀
  • Red meats are preferred over white meats.🥩>🍗
  • Fatty meats are preferred over lean meats. 
  • Prioritize ruminant meat like beef or lamb. 🐮🐑
  • Pork, chicken, and fish tend to be less satisfying.🐖🐔🐟
  • Eat the meat you can afford.🤑🤑🤑
  • Eat 1 to 3 meals a day – most find 2 meals is best.🍽🍽
  • Eat seafood and fish if you can afford it.🐟🐙🐠🦞🦀🦪
  • Cook most of what you eat.🍳🔥
  • Eat eggs if they agree with you. 🥚🥚🥚
  • Eat cheese, heavy cream, butter, or ghee if it agrees with you.🧀🧈
  • Organ meats have lots of nutrients but we don’t know if they are necessary.
  • It’s best to not drink milk because it has a lot of sugar. 🥛=⛔
  • It’s normal to eat about two pounds of meat a day. ££
  • There is a range of total meat eaten between 1 and 4 pounds. ££££
  • Experiment with eating various amounts of fat, more is usually better.
  • Hormones are complicated, trust the process.
  • Use as much salt as you like. 🧂🧂🧂🧂
  • It’s best to limit spices, but some people use a small amount. 🌶🧄
  • Digestion is better when eating and drinking is separated.
  • Drink water when thirsty. 🚰
  • Prioritize low carbohydrate/zero carbohydrate drinks.
  • If you drink alcohol, stick to liquor, lite beer, or dry wine. 🥃>🍷>🍺
  • Carbonated or Mineral water is fine.
  • Drink black coffee or add heavy cream or butter ☕🧈
  • It’s best to not drink diet soda, but it’s much better than regular soda.

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