Level 4

I made level 4 on the Garmin Connect fitness app on the 24th of December. I got so caught up with the holiday activities that I did not notice till today. Funny since that’s all I have been doing most days for the last few months is plotting my daily activities as to gain points to reach level 4. Just shows that the holidays tend to throw daily routine into turmoil.

The next goal is to reach level 5 ASAP and challenge a few of my contacts to see who can do it first. (You hear me, Ed?!) Seems I need 160 points to reach level 5. Just for reference by using Garmin Connect to challenge me and give me daily, weekly, and monthly goals/badges to shoot for, I was able to shed 45lbs in the process. And did this in just under four months.

Using a steadfast (minus Holiday blowouts,) carnivore diet, and daily exercise I was able to do achieve the weight loss with little thought of the weight loss goal. The fat just started disappearing.

Current ongoing challenges.

From my understanding level 5 is the top-level unless Garmin starts adding more, which they need to do. Ya hear me Garmin Connect? Lets goooo!!

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  1. Interesting, less hassle for sure. Well instead of baking for the holidays cheese would be a good gift. Limburger my fave, if you can get past the stinky foot odor it is most delicious.

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