Table Saw Sled Builds

I’ve been on a jig building binge the last few days. I found a olk table leaf in the neighbors trash a few days ago. I broke them down and scored a lot of hardware that I was able to use to build the sleds.

Cross Cut Table Top Sled build

The price of wood has gone up considerably over the last year, so anytime I can score good scrap off the street I’m all over it like a duck on a June bug!

I completed a crosscut sled yesterday and started a miter sled today, just waiting on the glue to dry on the runners. When the runners dry I can reinforce with 4 screws per side and finish off the 45deg blocks that hold my the material.

These sleds will allow for consistent and repeatable part cuts for projects that will require a lot of factory type work. i.e..Xmas ornaments.

Author: sieg

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