Pulled the trigger…

I was on a mission today to find a table saw and I did just that. I had planned on heading to Home Depot then hit Lowes on the way back home. I made it as far as Home Depot. I needed to pick up shop supplies and a few sawhorses and some wood stock. I was lucky to find the Cull lumber or as some call it Scrap pile. I scored some great boards for .73 cents per.

I heard about the cull pile on YouTube a few weeks back and this was the first time I was able to find the pile. I think they hide it so the employes can score some sweet deals as well, just like I did today!:P

The big buy today was a table saw. I finally pulled the trigger and got the 10″ Ridgid contractor table saw. No shop is complete without one. I had been waiting to see if they were going to go on sale; no such luck, but I did get my Military discount, so that was good.

Author: sieg

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