Daylong walkabout!

Walked out the door this morning at 0730 and finished up the walk just before 1600hrs. I took a one-hour lunch break to down some tasty pot roast I had thrown in the crockpot when I got up this morning.

I decided last night that I would get up and knock out the 50,000 step challenge. I think it was the shiny new Garmin GPS Instinct watch I scored while doing price matching in the PX yesterday while on Redstone. I have not walked 22 miles since I was in the Army, back in my Infantry days. I guess no memory of pain is a real thing, well until the last 5 miles then it comes rushing back real quick.

Also picked up a 30mi badge challenge as well. Two birds…

Thankful that this little diddy is over. Now I can get back to a more manageable 10k a day schedule!

Author: sieg

1 thought on “Daylong walkabout!

  1. Nice tool, It would be funny if you glanced behind and the neighborhood took up the challenge. At a safe distance of course. Ha, Ha!

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