Part time taxi..Flying President Karzai of Afghanistan.

Sieg and President Karzai (2005 Kabul, Afghanistan)

Hamid Karzai is an Afghan politician who was the president of Afghanistan from 22 December 2001 to 29 September 2014. He is also the leader of the Popalzai Durrani tribe of Pashtuns. Born in Kandahar, Karzai graduated from Kabul’s Habibia High School and later received a master’s degree in India in the 1980s. WikipediaBorn: December 24, 1957 (age 62 years), Karz, AfghanistanSpouseZeenat Karzai (m. 1999)Presidential term: December 7, 2004 – September 29, 2014MoviesWar MachineChildrenMirwais KarzaiMalalai KarzaiHowsi KarzaiEducationHimachal Pradesh University (1979–1983), Habibia High School, Kabul Afghanistan (1976)

President Karzai

I had the job of transporting this man from time to time during my time in Afghanistan. He always came up to the cockpit and shook our hands and said a few kind words. He seemed to be a very pleasant man in a environment that was anything but.

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