Top rail on garage stairs

The above photo is what happens when you accidentally forget to take off the magnetic angle finder on the chop saw blade. This will get your attention Quick!!

Swung by the local Lowes and Home Depot yesterday to pick up some supplies for more DIY action in the garage. I purchased a few boards (1×10) for the stair railing. I also grabbed some rubber mats to be cut down and used for runners on the steps. I also lucked out and found some step edging on sale for $3.50. A normal 6′ length will set you back $16; so that was a good find.

I ran into a few issues for the cutting and placement of the boards on the existing stair rail. Something was not square. The boards I cut were 90deg all around but would not line up on the railing. It was either the bunker wall that was out of wack or the stairs themselves. I cut the diffrence and called it good. I cut a 33deg joint to line the two pieces up and that worked like a champ. I recommend buying a digital angle finder, well worth the money!

Now just need to fill holes and paint.

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