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Don’t use Communist Programs!

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Happy New Year! Start the year off strong!

I started the year off strong by knocking out three earned badges in one day. The 10k and 60 days…

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Pillow Time

T has taken the plunge into legit sewing. She sewed up her first project yesterday, an accent pillow for one…

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Carnivorous Way of Eating

CarniWay means a Carnivorous Way of Eating. ‘Way of eating’ or WoE is about building a long-term healthy lifestyle that is…

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Level 4

I made level 4 on the Garmin Connect fitness app on the 24th of December. I got so caught up…

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The word “Der Heiligabend” is put together with “heilig” (holy) and “Abend” (evening) and refers to the 24th of December-Christmas Eve….

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Table Saw Sled Builds

I’ve been on a jig building binge the last few days. I found a olk table leaf in the neighbors…

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This Day In Sieg History

Kaprun Austria, December 21 2012. Tina and I spent the week in Kaprun Austria skiing and drinking in the heart…

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40K Bike Ride

I also ran a 10 last week just for the points. I was trying to think when the last time…

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Dust devil rack

I was looking for a way to save some floor space by not having my Dust Devil bucket sitting on…