Saturday Afternoon Swamp Ride

Skidaway Island Nature Trail
Skidaway Island Nature Trail

Went on a loop thru the neighborhood this afternoon with T. We are starting to ramp up the cardio for the the Windy25 5K run in April. I will have to dust off me ol trainers and get to running here soon. I don’t plan on going over the top with the training as I have no plans to try to place or even run at a competitive pace.  Since I have set up a team I think we will run the race together and finish as one.


Skidaway Island Morning Trail Ride

I have a  sweet trail network down the road from where I currently live. Its about a 2.4 mile ride to the trail head then I have close to a 15 mile loop or more if I zig zag thru the woods hitting all the trails. A good stretch of the trail runs along the waters edge. Making for some good views with the sunrise.


New FS bikes for the Siegs

I picked up a new full suspension bike made by Specialized after cracking the frame on my first full suspension bike I got back in 2008. While I was at it I set T up with one also. Specialized makes a sweet line of woman’s bikes. A lot of the tech has changed over the years the biggest change was the tire size. We are now on 29ers. Always something new it seems. Now I have to part out all the 26″ swag I have in storage. ebay here I come.